NordicEdu is a company focused on developing educational and serious games as well as gamification projects. The company was founded in 2011 and it’s located in Turku, Finland. We believe that people learn best when they enjoy what they do. We base our work on that idea and develop games that are tailored for the target audience while still meeting the learning and business objectives set by the customer. Our games are ambitious, reasonably priced, well designed and visually stunning.

In 2014, NordicEdu was awarded the INNOAURA prize for the its creative potential and development of the creative industry in Southwest Finland. We have already created over forty serious games  and gamification projects together with our customers. If you want to know what a game project with us is like, check out our Steps page for a step-by-step explanation of the whole process.

If we got you interested, contact us. Let’s start a project together.

Tomi Kokkonen

Tomi is in charge of the numbers; he deals with our contracts and financial management. On top of his CEO duties, he also designs smart game mechanics and programs games that meet the needs of the customers while being fun for the gamers. Tomi knows mobile devices inside out but works skillfully with other platforms as well.

050 430 0178

Linda Kokkonen

Linda is the one who handles the visual side of the games; she designs the visuals and creates the game graphics and other related illustrations. In addition to this, she also has her hands on game design. She is passionate to understand the end-user and wants to make sure the players get the best gaming experience possible. Linda feels at home managing projects with countless post-it notes on the whiteboard and creating fresh and fancy vector graphics.

040 542 1658

Lassi Puolakka

Lassi is the wordsmith of NordicEdu. He has academic expertise in both English and Finnish. He proof-reads our texts, writes scripts for our games, updates our social media, and maintains our blog together with Linda. In addition to his text-related duties, he also does game design.

Mikko Pavén

Mikko is an enthusiastic and versatile programmer, who writes carefully constructed code for our games. In addition to his code, he creates control and server maintenance tools that ensure our games are up and running – and that are easy to keep that way too.

Topi Salonen

Topi, fresh addition to our team, writes quality code for our games as well as our control and server maintenance tools. This is what he’s busy working on at the moment.

Pentti Riikonen

Pentti is a software developer with over 20 years of experience. He excels in creating both front end and back end code. In addition, Pentti has academic background having teached and researched information techology at the University of Turku.

Olli Mannevaara

Olli is a dedicated programmer with a keen eye for detail. Always interested in learning new and tackling challenges, Olli works on our games as well as their control and server maintentance tools.