The story of NordicEdu began in 2011. During that beautiful year, one bright-eyed Tomi Kokkonen realized that game elements and good design can yield tremendous results when brought into learning or working. Thus, he teamed up with his friend, Tatu Laine, and established NordicEdu, a company specialised in serious games. NordicEdu would go on to design and implement fun, creative and game-based solutions to pretty much everything in need of some spicing up.
In 2013, Linda, a graphic designer and design-enthusiast, joined the ranks of NordicEdu. With their powers combined, they set forth to create even better games. In 2016, Tatu left the team and moved on to other succesful ventures. The power-duo and newlywed couple, Tomi and Linda, didn’t waste time resting on their laurels and continued to lead NordicEdu together.
Under Tomi’s and Linda’s leadership, NordicEdu continued to grow and develop. The rising art of gamification became the main focus of NordicEdu. Rainmaker, one of NordicEdu’s customers, became increasingly interested in this newfound focus. Thus, Rainmaker acquired NordicEdu in 2018.
NordicEdu didn’t show signs of slowing down. Project became more ambitious, designs more delicate and the number personnel grew steadily. The growth also lead to changes in structure as the team who worked on NordicEdu’s Drops project went on to join a new company, Knome. Tomi was amongst the ones who moved so he handed the title of CEO to Linda. With Linda leading the lot, NordicEdu continued their work on gamification with an added emphasis on service design.
The year 2020 was, by all accounts, a year of changes. At the end of 2020, NordicEdu met their biggest change. NordicEdu gave up their work on customer projects and moved their operations to developing services and technologies for their owner, Rainmaker. And so the story of NordicEdu as a game development studio came to a close.

Big thanks to all who were a part of NordicEdu’s journey!