On this page you can read about the data we collect from our visitors as well as how we use this data.



We automatically collect analytics from this site. These data are handled by Google. The collected date are:

  • The first three octets of the visitor’s IP address
  • Subpages that are visited

These data are only for NordicEdu’s use.

Use the button below to allow or decline the collection of analytics.

Anonyymejä tietoja kerätään.



The subscribers to our newsletter must give their email address so that we can send the newsletter to them. These data are handled by Mailchimp. The data is not distributed to third parties and is not used in anything else than for this newsletter.


Other data

We also collect data from our forms for requesting a contact from us and requesting an offer. The user fills out the following data in the forms:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Organisation
  • Phone number

These data are only for NordicEdu’s use.


Changing or removing information

If you want your information changed or removed from our registries, contact us at [email protected].



If you have something to ask about how we collect and use data, you can send your questions  to the same address, [email protected].