When everything is done right, serious games and gamification transform learning and doing into exciting experiences that spark intrinsic motivation and the joy of doing. We at NordicEdu yearn to do this with every single game and app we create. Our works are always created for the users and with the clients. Co-operation, communicating and user-centric desing are things we believe in firmly. And of course, best solutions are created when the end users are brought to partake in the development process straight from the beginning.
Creating serious games and gamified solutions requires wide expertise from various fields. Work is done by carefully planning the process and taking the constantly changing circumstances into account. We do our work by using only Finnish expertise and personnel – we are firmly based in Finland and do not externalise any part of our work abroad.


We help our clients through every phase of the development process; from brainstorming and evaluating initial ideas to implementing and releasing complete games and services. Our services are designing and developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting as well as consulting.







The purpose of gamification is to bring gamelike experiences to environments that are not normally associated with games. These environments include online services, teaching, health care and business. With gamification, people can be guided to do meaningful activities, supported to strive for reaching important goals and brought in to work together in new ways. In addition, gamification can instantly reward and enhance patience for reaching long-term goals, which often are rewarding only after long stretches of work.

Creating gamified solutions is a process akin to creating games; it basically means creating service systems that excite and encourage to do some certain positive behaviour by using the same psychological assets that games utilise. This, of course, requires good knowledge of game design. Gamification utilises game desing elements and reward mechanisms such as goals, points, badges, narrativeness but also versatile means of service design in order to achive a fluent user experience.

As a result, something else than a game is created. Gamefied solution is its own entirety that makes the underlying service, system or process more exciting. With gamification, the value and activeness of the users are increased. To reach this, it is crucial to use means and elements that are meaningful for the end user.


Why gamification works?

  • It creates experiences that are fun and enjoyable
  • It makes activities more motivating
  • It instructs, supports, cheers and rewards
  • It makes abstract goals more concrete and long-term goals more tangible
  • It brings people together and enhances communality



Games are playful states that consist of participation, goals, rules and feedback systems. Games that have some other meaning than just enjoyment are called serious games. In serious games, the objective of playing is to learn a certain skill or to reach some set benefit. The most common form of serious game is educational game but other types serious games exists too. These include games for health care, marketing, HR and business purposes. Serious games are used in increasing amounts in different fields from heavy industries to service creation due to their motivational, simulational and co-operational qualities.

In a good serious game, the benefitful contents are gone through by playing and playing requires comprehending and using this content. This creates an intrinsic motivation to proceed as well as to understand and learn the content of the game. Clear, carefully constructed content and well implemented feedback system ensure that the player learns what is meant to be learned. A good serious game also challenges but not overwhelms the player and is adequately entertaining so that the game is fun but the focus does not stray from the content. The purpose is to create a game that serves its benefitful purpose distinctly and is as good as possible.

Sometimes, however, a serious game is perhaps not the optimal solution for your needs; if a large game context isn’t necessary and you want to focus on enhancing processes and action, gamification might be a better choice. Vice versa, if you are working more with educating or influencing and less with enhancing processes, serious games are the go-to-solution.

Why serious games work?

  • Games require active paricipation
  • Games present aims and goals and encourage you to reach for them
  • Games give you instant feedback and urge you to continue trying
  • Games let you advance at your own pace, in your own way
  • Games hone your skills and information structuring

“Working with NordicEdu has been easy. Harmony for implementing our plans was found immediately, and coming up for solutions together went brilliantly. Threshold for contacting them is low, and help and ideas have always been available on their end.”



We handle all fields of software development; from planning to arranging workshops and from creating graphics to programming. In the implementation, we strive to do everything in-house and in Finland. Our versatile team has an extensive set of skills in programming, graphics creation and copywriting. By the valuable experience our work has taught us, we know how to dodge the pitfalls of development and how to create impeccable yet reasonably priced games and gamified solutions. We also quarantee the functionality of our works for one year forward from the release.
The start of the project
  • Work is started in a development meeting between the project team
  • The aims, goals, distribution of work, schedule and budget of the project are defined
  • The target audience is defined further
Development and concept work
  • Workshops for development and co-operative design are arranged
  • Desired features, functions and platforms are defined
  • The basis of the content is compiled and the concept is visualised for the project team to review
Implementation one iteration at a time
  • Implementing is done one section at a time, moving from more larger unities to smaller details
  • The product is tested and constant communication is maintained within the project team
  • The plans are further defined as experience and knowledge accumulates
Towards a complete product
  • The game is honed based on the results of target audience testing
  • New ideas are listed for further development
  • Documentations are done and the game is prepared for release
Release and maintenance
  • The game is released on the planned platforms, clients are instructed on the use of maintentance tools
  • Maintenance help and support are offered in case of possible problem situations
  • Updates and further development are prepared

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