Case: Bioholvi – a mobile game about biobanks and what actually happens inside them
Customer: Auria Biobank
What we did: project management, game design, UI, programming (Unity), graphics, animation, launching
Launched: in October 2014

Is biobank a fancier name for a dumping site for egg shell pieces and used teabags? Or is it rather a collection of biological samples for medical purposes? Bioholvi is a game that sheds light on these questions.

Bioholvi is an informational mobile game we made together with Turku-based Auria Biobank, the first biobank in Finland. The game is targeted for Finnish comprehensive school students from classes 7–9 as well as high school students. The purpose of the game is to give a concise yet interesting information package about the operation of biobanks in the form of a story-driven adventure game.

Bioholvi strives to improve adolescents’ stance towards sample-collecting and lower the threshold to give consent for it and, through this, contribute to scientific research. Auria Biopankki’s personnel ensured throughout the development that the in-game information is factually correct and that the script conveys this information clearly. NordicEdu ensured that the script, game mechanics and graphics of the game appealed to the target audience.

During the course of the game, the player gets to know the process of giving consent for sample collection during regular blood tests, as well as how biobanks collect, store and study their samples. The game also explain why biobanks ask questions from the sample-givers and what this information is used for. At the end of the game, the player gets to debunk fallacies, fears and misunderstandings concerning biobanks. The game and its story are mainly linear but at times the game branches out to shortcuts and sections with extra information according to the player’s interests.

Bioholvi presents many interesting questions – and gives adequate and informative answers. The game is only available in Finland and in Finnish. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and Apple Appstore.

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