Case: Fume – a collection of minigames
Customer: the University of Turku, the Department of Nursing Science, the NO! to smoking project
What we did: game design, user interface, game programming (Unity 3d), graphics, animation, testing, launching and project management
Launched: in June 2016

Fume is a digital health education game, which deals with nicotine products and the health hazards of using them. The game was developed as a part of a dissertation thesis research project called NO! To smoking. The purpose of the project is to study the health literacy of the children and adolescents of today as well as their stance towards tobacco preventive health education. Scholars from the University of Turku created the educational and informational content of Fume. This content was based on research results gathered early on in the research project. From this content, NordicEdu designed a series of minigames that were carefully tailored for the target group. These minigame ideas were reviewed together with children within the target group before developing the actual games. The developed games were tested again with the same target group to ensure that the functionality, the understandability and the fun-factor of the games were optimal.

The game is primarily targeted at 10–13 years old children but it offers fun game experiences for people younger and older than the target audience. Fume educates the player about the hazards of nicotine products and presents reasons why one should never start using them at all. The message is conveyed to the player in a humorous and extravagant tone by using simplified themes, such as loss of money, misinformation and propaganda of the tobacco industry, effects on health, ecological issues, as well as the influence of peer pressure.

Versions for both, mobile platforms as well as web browsers, were made for the purposes of the dissertation research. For a long time, they were only used as research tools in this project. The purpose was to evaluate whether the game can influence the tobacco preventive health education of 10–13 year old children.

Fume was released to the public after the research period ended in June of 2016. The game is now downloadable for free from Apple Appstore, Google Play and Microsoft Store. The game can be played in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Read more about the game: Turun Yliopisto, NO! To smoking- projekti

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