Case: Kumita – a sex ed mini game collection for teenagers
Customer: The Family Federation of Finland
What we did: project management, game design, UI, programming (Unity), graphics, animations, testing, launching
Launched: in August 2014

Kumita is a sexual education campaign targeted for Finnish comprehensive school students from classes 7–9. The objective of the campaign is to debunk myths and properly educate adolescents about the use of condoms as a birth control method and as a preventive measure against sexually transmitted diseases. The campaign is funded by Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and carried out by the Family Federation of Finland and the National Institute for Health and Welfare. The informational content of the campaign was created with the Family Federation of Finland’s years-long experience in client work as well as a study by them that surveyed adolescents.

NordicEdu created a game for this campaign. The game, also called Kumita, is a story-driven role-playing-game-esque game for mobile devices. The humorous yet informative script of the game was written by the doctors of the Family Federation of Finland. This humorous and light tone was chosen because humour can help approaching unfamiliar ­­– and possibly even a bit intimidating – subjects. In the autumn of 2015, two mini games that dealt with the use of condoms in more detail were added to the game.

NordicEdu designed and developed the gameplay elements, graphics and programming of Kumita. In the game, the player partakes in thrilling discussions concerning condoms and helps other game characters in difficult situations – good guys and girls just might get on a date with their secret crush at the end of the game. In the game, there are also ten hidden “Trusted belongings”, items a young person should always keep near, and finding these unlocks useful tips for going out on dates. The concept of “Trusted belongings” was added to strengthen the notion that condom is just one of the things to keep with you alongside other useful items like sunglasses, keys and your mobile phone. Every basic item has a reason for carrying it and so does a condom – that’s why it’s important to carry a condom too. If condoms become more ordinary and familiar with adolescents, the threshold of getting them lowers as well as discussing their use becomes easier.

As a part of the campaign, all the eighth grade comprehensive school students in Finland received a Kumita condom from their school nurse during the autumns of 2014 and 2015. These condoms came with a download link for the game. Kumita campaign is active in the social media where adolescents can take part in the online discussion as well as create and post their own related content.

The game can be played in Finnish and Swedish. More info about the campaign as well as the download links to Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and Apple App Store can be found on the Family Federation of Finland’s campaign site.

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