Case: Moomin Language School 1 – a minigame collection
Customer: Playvation
What we did: project management, game design, UI, game programming (Unity), web tool programming (Node.js & AngularJS), graphics, animations, testing

Playvation, a company based in Espoo, offers Moomin-themed language teaching service for children all over the world. The service is distributed via the children’s own teaching organisations. The service consists of fun and positive teaching sessions based on the practices of the Finnish school system, educational games on mobile platforms, as well as a web tool for teachers, which the teacher or the parents can use to monitor the child’s progress in learning within the games.

For this service, NordicEdu created the Moomin Language School 1 game and its web tool together with the pedagogs of Playvation. In this game targeted for children aged 3–10, the player learns English or Finnish together with Moomin characters by playing fun and motivating minigames. Commonplace items and terms are learnt efficiently by playing the various game types that are designed with pedagogic expertise. In addition to learning a language, the game improves the child’s fine motor skills, mathemathical proficiency, logical thinking, memory and social skills. The game sends information about the child’s performance to the web tool, where the teacher can review the progress of the whole group, or the parents can review their own child’s progress. The web tool has easily understandable and motivating graphs and meters for observing the learning process.

In the Interactive Technology in Education 2015 conference, Moomin Language School 1 was rewarded as the best digital learning solution in the eEemeli competition – and for a good reason; the game combines an appropriate learning curve with fun and motivating gameplay to give children a unique and exciting learning experience.

Here’s a video of the game in action!

If you’re interested in using the product, please contact Moomin Language School.

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