Case: Puffy Numbers – Learn numbers by flying with Puffy
Own production
in January 2015

Puffy Numbers – Numbers in the Clouds is an educational game for children aged 3–7. In the game, the player controls an elephant called Puffy and flies Puffy’s aeroplane through the clouds collecting numbers in the correct order. The purpose of the game is to learn sequences of numbers: 1 to 10, 10 to 20 and 10 to 1. If the player collects a wrong number by mistake, the game provides feedback in the form of the mistakenly collected cloud turning into a thundercloud. The game gives no penalties, however, and the player can continue playing just like before after collecting a wrong cloud. Clouds collected in the right order fly to the upper part of the screen forming the sequence of numbers that is learned. When the sequence is finished, Puffy congratulates the player and blows bubbles to celebrate.

The player controls the game by tilting the mobile device. While learning numbers, the child also develops his or her motoric skills at the same time. The motion sensing controls also make the game more exciting for those children who are not that interested in playing digital games. All the instructions in the game are also read aloud so children who can not yet read can sometimes play the game alone without the parent constantly needing to supervise the playing. The game also has a joyful and upbeat soundtrack and sound effects that help navigating through the clouds.

The content and learning objectives of the game were designed together with TOP-keskus, an institution in Turku promoting the use of computers in teaching. The game was created as a part of the larger Mollan Logiikka game project. The functionality and effectiveness of the game have been tested with groups of 3–6 years old children in day care centers – and with good results.

Puffy Numbers is available as premium pay-once app on Apple Appstore, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

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