Case: Tile Tales – A peaceful yet challenging puzzle game of minimalistic design that your mind will cherish
Own production
in September 2015

Tile Tales is a unique puzzle game that combines mathematical puzzles with exciting gameplay and exquisite visuals. The goal is to navigate upwards through different tilesets and form a path that leads up to the highest score. When forming paths in these tilesets, the player will be faced with different mathematical modifiers and obstacles that form the unique gameplay in Tile Tales.

The controls are easy and intuitive. You can either draw the path across the tiles with your finger, or tap on the tiles in the sequence you want to proceed through them. When the gameplay is simple and easily graspable, all the challenge comes from where it should – the puzzles. The brain-tingling challenge of Tile Tales is figuring out the best path across the tiles to the highest score. The point is to reach a given sum by going through right tiles. Each tile has either a numerical value that adds up, or a mathematical function that modifies the player’s sum. This game offers plenty of challenge and is ideal for those who have solved their share of sudoku puzzles and are looking for fresh new challenges.

We created everything in Tile Tales from scratch: the innovative game mechanics, the stunning animations, the painterly graphics, and all of the fifty carefully crafted levels. Our aim was to create a calm and relaxing game experience where the player can freely try different options and solutions without stressful time-limits or distracting advertisements and prompts to purchase something. That’s why made Tile Tales a premium game – to offer the best game experience possible. You can buy the complete experience from the Apple App Store.

The official page for Tile Tales can be found here:

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