Case: Vakavasti – a mobile application for preparing for the Written VAKAVA Examination, an entrance exam for studying behavioural science
Customer: Heiway
What we did: project management, game design, UI, programming (Unity), graphics, animations, testing
in April 2016

Vakavasti is a gamified application that was made to help in studying for the 2016 written VAKAVA examination. The VAKAVA examination functions as an entrance exam for studying behavioural science in various universities of Finland. Vakavasti includes hundreds of multiple choice questions and different game modes that make learning and preparing for the exam more fun and effective. The Average mode allows players to proceed at their own pace whereas the Sudden Death mode really pushes them to their limits. The All-in mode has over 200 questions and simulates a simplified version of the actual exam. The app tracks the player’s progress and results in real time and creates motivating graphs to see what areas need to be concentrated upon.

The idea for creating the game app came from the customer company Heiway as they wanted to make studying for the VAKAVA examination more equal to everyone. That’s why this app is reasonably priced and available for everyone so that the location or a tight budget would be no concern. The founders of Heiway are MAs in behavioral science themselves and work as teachers now. In addition to idea behind the app, they were responsible for creating the content of the game based on the exam’s study materials. NordicEdu took care of the technical and visual side of the game and created the multiple choice games and the user interface – constantly co-operating with Heiway throughout the whole process.

The schedule of the project was strict, especially for the content creation; the app was to be released as soon as possible after publishing of the study materials. Before the release of the app, it was tested with a test group consisting of people within the target audience. This was done to ensure that the content, game mechanics, understandability and fun-factor of the game were just as desired. When Vakavasti was released, containing over 500 questions and their correct answers, only five days had passed since the publishing of the study materials. While the entrance exam applicants were already busy studying with the app, the post-release fixes and fine-tunings were swiftly done at the same time without hinderance.

Vakavasti helped to make study career dreams come true in the spring of 2016. The app is available in Finnish fromApple App Store  and  Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.

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